Careful Breakdown of the Chronology Chart

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Breakdown from Adam to Christ to today

By Bill Weather - Main Page - Prophecybase

My approach to prophecy is not to prove a certain view, but to arrive at truth. For this conviction, I have here, begun the process of breaking down our chronology chart in an attempt to arrive at solid evidence. If we can prove we are almost at the 6000th year, that’s cause to be super excited for the Resurrection and receiving our best life then. 

I have painstakingly researched this topic and have tried my best to present this breakdown as accurately as I can. After all, a lot is at stake. Am I giving my time and energy to something I can’t prove in a solid way? Am I falsely looking to a time frame (2028-2032) of his coming and making important life decisions from this? After all, if he's coming at that time, then the wise response would be to not do much distant future planning. 

With so much at stake, I now proceed with a high measure of conviction to prove out this 6000th year doctrine, section by section, going thru the chronology chart with a fine tooth comb, so you also, may have a more sure assessment of it and begin to get really excited for our redemption drawing very nigh.

Before we begin the breakdown of this chart, there is a question of what about adding partial years, that could add up to our count being off. It was the custom of the ancient Hebrews to round off years to a whole, using the Accession Year system of counting, especially when it involved the Kings of Judah. Instead of counting years of kings, they would stick to counting each Jewish new year of the reign of a king, regardless of how long he reigned. This kept an orderly successive count. This Accession year system of counting is confirmed in the Talmud, the Mishnah, by Anstey and other chronologists.

2107 Years

Our first section in the chart, the 2107 years, from Adam to Abraham’s 99th year, is checked against multiple integral sources online, such as Answers In Genesis, the famed Amazing Bible Timeline chart, Bible commentaries and men with PHDs in Biblical studies. The overwhelming majority confirm, that Abraham was born 2008 years from Adam. The genealogy given in the Bible from Adam to Abraham is very thorough and very clear. So Abraham’s 99th year from 2008, would be the year 2107 from creation. That is a solid unquestionable number.

As a side note, this adding of the years will not be using any man made calendars or counting backwards, but will simply be adding up the numbers from scripture alone. If you believe God’s word in the Bible is accurate, then you have no problems with that. If you believe vulnerable man made calendars should be used, that is igno.

430 Years

Our next number in our chart is from Abraham’s 99th year, to the 1st  year of the Hebrew Exodus out of Egypt.

Exodus 12:40-41 Now the Sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was 430 years. 41 And it came to pass at the end of the 430 years, even the self same day it came to pass, that all the hosts of YHWH went out from the land of Egypt.

Paul the Apostle, in Galatians 3:17 confirms this … “And this I say, that the covenant that was confirmed before God in Christ, the law, which was 430 years after (covenant with Abraham), cannot dis annul, that it should make the promise (Gen 17:1-2) of no effect.”

Here Paul is telling us there were 430 years between the promise given to Abraham, which was in his 99th year (Gen 17:1-2), to the law given, which was the year of the Exodus. I’ve researched this online because the question was when was this 430 years started.

Gen 17:1-2 And when Abram was 99 years old, YHWH appeared to Abram and said unto him, I am almighty God, walk before me and be perfect 2And I will make my covenant between me and thee and will multiply thee exceedingly.

Though Paul makes this clear in Galatians 3:17, many people assume that the Israelis were enslaved in Egypt after Abraham for a full 430 years, but in a deeper research, even many Jewish Rabbis have confirmed that this 430 years only had Israel enslaved about 210 of the 430 years. Because Paul was a very well trained scholar, I trust the start and finish of his 430 years in Galatians 3:17 is accurate, so that is our 2nd number in the chart that is confirmed in Galatians, Genesis and Exodus above.

480 Years

Our next time in the chronology chart is the 480 years given in I Kings 6:1, from the 1st year of the Exodus to the 4th year of the reign of King Solomon.

I Kings 6:1 And it came to pass in the 480th year after the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, in the 4th year of Solomon’s reign over Israel... that he began to build the house of YHWH.

Well! How much clearer can it get than that? 480 years from the Exodus to the 4th year of Solomon.

430 Years

Solomon reigned for a total of 40 years. Our chart picks up from minus the 4 years above.

And the time that Solomon reigned in Jerusalem
over all of Israel was 40 years.
I Kings 11:42

So in our chart, we are deducting 4 years and adding the 36 years left of Solomon’s 40 yr reign plus the 393 years of the kings of Judah, with Zedekiah being the last king to the 70 year exile . 

In order to accurately add up the 393 years of the kings, we would have to scour our Bibles and find the length of reign of each king, which the Bible does give in detail. To confirm this 393 years of the Kings from scripture, we turn to a couple notable sources. One strict fundamentalist, non wavering source is the notable John MacArthur. Here is a pic snapped of his research from confirming the 393 years.

Here is also the seriously, painstakingly researched and re-visited work, of famed chronologist, James Ussher, by the very thorough Answers In Genesis Ministry. Investigate this link and you will see, they went over everything with a fine tooth comb to give us this 393 year count.

393 yrs + 36 yrs of Solomon = 429 years

There is one more year to add to get to the 430 years, covered at Ernest L Martin article under One Year Difference. That year would be as the sabbath for the land, prophesied by Jeremiah below, and would start the following year after harvest, which would then complete the 430 years and be the start of the 70 years of Sabbath for the land/Israeli exile.

70 Years

Israel’s 70 year exile to Babylon/land sabbath is shown in Jer 25:11 and 2 Ch 36:21

And this whole land shall be desolate and an astonishment and these nations shall serve the king of Babylon 70 years. Jer 25:11

To fulfill the word of YHWH by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths; for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath, to fulfill 70 years. 2 Ch 36:21

The clear end of this 70 year exile would come in several years, from when Daniel wrote of it ...

In the 1st year of Darius…. In the 1st year of his reign, I Daniel understood by the books, the number of years, whereof the word of YHWH came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish 70 years in the desolations of Jerusalem. Dan 9:1-2

That 70 year time ended the land sabbath/Israeli captivity, with the decree from Cyrus, King of Persia, to allow Israelis to return and began the countdown of the biblically famed, 70 weeks of Years prophecy (490 years), the 69th week of years (483 years) explained below, to Christ’s baptism.

70 weeks are determined upon thy people ...from the going forth of the command to restore and to build Jerusalem, unto the Messiah the Prince shall be 7 and 62 weeks... (69x7=483 yrs). Dan 9:24-25

This spot in time is more controversial than you may realize because here is where the secular records become an absolute quagmire, contradicting the Biblical record. For those who have the time to read to understand, the Ernest L Martin article here, explains it well, how the whole world just accepted the faulty (some think fraudulent) dogma of Ptolemy, claiming itself to be some kind of authority in establishing secular dates to events of the past. It comes down to the Biblical record vs the secular record of Ptolemy. I choose to believe the biblical record because I researched it and asked, why would Isaac Newton, Bollinger, Mauro, Martin Anstey and other known chronologists, be questioning Ptolemy? They had good reason to from their deep research.

How does this relate to our topic? Because the start of the 483 years to Christ is controversial, due to the Persian period's chronology rife with error. The secular records differ from our bible timeline by 82 years, however, in the end, the famed James Ussher's chronology only differs from what our timeline here is by 31 years. So who is right? We say our Bible timeline is right and the use of man’s calendar dates, built on Ptolemy, are wrong, along with James Ussher who relied on some of Ptolemy's work. Ussher has 1997 as the 6000th year. We have 2028 as the 6000th year. 2028 - 1997 = 31 year difference.

So the start of the restore and rebuild Jerusalem decree was just like the scriptures say, with the 1st decree of Cyrus and not the 3rd decree of Artaxerxes as the SDA groups say, in trying to fit Ptolemy’s faulty secular dates into Biblical chronology. Just take the scripture for what it says. At the 1st decree, the restoring and rebuilding of Jerusalem began, with Cyrus and throw out the faulty Persian/Ptolemy BC year count.

483 Years

As a result of Daniel’s petitions to God, Daniel received what we know as the 70 weeks prophecy in chapter 9. Here below is a chart of that 70 weeks prophecy given to Daniel.

Prophecy teachers unanimously agree that the 70 weeks of Daniel’s prophecy equals 490 years, though differing on the 70th week. When we add the 483 years (69 sevens), we quite profoundly come to the 4000th year from creation at the time of Jesus, and what I believe is the year of his baptism in 28AD.

Regardless if you believe what I believe on the timing of his baptism, this is one solid, scripturally backed count to the 4000th year from creation that I find little room for doubt. By this, we know we are very close to the 6000th year from creation and with all the other major signs backing, as well as what the Jews and early church taught, that Messiah comes at the 6000th year from creation, we only need to add 2000 years to see, as all scholars agree, we are, in just a few years from now, at that 2000 year time from Christ, which equals the 6000th year from creation. 

Do you believe the Bible timeline or in Ptolemy's secular count? Do you believe in the many incredible signs backing, given at If not, is there something wrong with your faith, that you can’t take this very serious, that time is running out on this world? Even without those incredible rhema signs, here we have what many consider, a more solid logos based, accurate biblical year count from creation. And go ahead, consider a 2 to 3 year variable. It doesn’t change the fact, that we are almost right at the 2000 year mark from Christ.

How much evidence do you need to believe? Because, certainly doesn’t lack the evidence and this blog here has spelled it out in clear scriptural detail. 

God bless your plans to prepare for tribulation and soon after, the most glorious event, in all of history, the Resurrection of the Redeemed!!! HALLE YAHWEH!!! Come Yeshua!!!

In Christ, Bill Weather